Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. While there is no legal affiliation between Grace Cottage Hospital and Valley Cares, we enjoy the convenience of having the hospital just 200 yards down the road. Many of the residents of West River Valley Senior Housing choose to have primary care physicians who practice at Grace Cottage Hospital, but we certainly do not require this.

Our independent living facility does not provide care services, but our assisted living facility does. Residents of the "supportive housing" wing of the assisted living have the option of choosing and having access to that building's care services when needed.

West River Valley Assisted Living is a Vermont state licensed assisted living program, providing services intended to support resident independence and aging in place. Through our participation in the Medicaid Choices for Care program we provide Enhanced Residential Care services to some residents who meet "nursing home level of care" criteria.

Whenever possible residents remain in this setting unless it is determined that the home is unable to safely and adequately meet a resident's assessed needs.

All of our apartments are rentals. Demographics indicate that over two thirds of the senior households in our area are low-income. Since we are committed to providing housing and services that are affordable to all seniors in the area, we chose to develop rental housing rather than owner-occupied housing. (Owner-occupied housing often requires as much as $300,000 or more in equity up front at a move in - a commitment that isn't feasible for many senior households in our area.)

Yes - all of the apartments are affordable. Rents are restricted in 40 of the 64 apartments in the two buildings. These apartments are designated for residents making below 50% and 60% of median income (approximately $22,000 and $27,000). While all the other apartments are open to persons of any income, these too are affordable, with rents below Fair Market Rents for the area.

For more information on rent rates, For more information on rent rates, see the rate sheet for Independent Living, the rate sheet for Assisted Living or the rate sheet for Supportive Housing.

No-while most of our residents are from close by in Windham County, we do get applications from seniors who have children in the area or who were formally from the community and are intent to return. We encourage applications from all those who are interested in living at West River Valley Senior Housing.

Yes, we maintain waitlists for all of our housing. However, due to different care needs, income levels, and the readiness of an applicant to move in, one's place on the waitlist may not be a good indicator of when one might be offered an apartment for occupancy.

There is NO fee to get on our waitlist. If you are interested in getting your name on the list, please download and print this Valley Cares Housing Application or call us at (802) 365-7190 to have us send an application to you.

Generally we can schedule a visit during office hours between 9:00-5:00, Monday through Friday. However, we ask that you give us 72 hours notice.

To schedule a visit, please call JoAnne at (802) 365-7190.

West River Valley Senior Housing has an age requirement of 62 years and older. In some cases applicants over the age of 18 with a disability may be appropriate for an Assisted Living apartment. Eligibility is determined by individual assessment.

In our Independent Living, cats are allowed and dogs are considered on a case-by-case basis.

In our Supportive Housing and Assisted Living, cats are permitted. However residents must be able to care for their cat or assign a guardian to do so for them.

There is a pet deposit required at the time of move-in. Deposits are fully refundable if there is no extraordinary wear and tear to the apartment.